Hello. My name is Gerry, and I'm a photographer. Headshots. Product shots. Model Shots. Hot Shots.

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The importance of a headshot cannot be underestimated. It gives your prospective clients an immediate idea of who you are, and what you are about. From formal poses for those in the business world, to fun ones for those involved in the creative industry, getting your perfect headshot for your website, annual report or business card, is essential for the image you portray to prospective customers.

All the above images were taken for the professional purposes of the people in them.  Above, we have actors, choreographers, chefs, dentists, finance gurus, consultants, IT geniuses, brand ambassadors and a musician.  These photos appeared in brochures, ad campaigns, websites, hanging printed on office walls, and on book covers.

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Product & Pack Shots

People go online now before they go anywhere else. Your products need to entice the clients you don’t have yet to open their wallets for you. The only way you can do that, is with great product and pack shots – people shop with their eyes first. No matter how good your products are, if it ain’t lookin’ good, you ain’t converting new clients.

The above shows a selection of product shots, from clean, crisp white cut-out images, to dark and moody images.  Elaborate staged productions, and featured product details.    Product photography does not have to be boring.


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Model Photos

This is my photography. I hope you enjoy my work. If you want to see more risque work, please visit my "Nudes & Other Taboos" gallery. Warning: this gallery is not safe for work, for minors, or for the ideologically sensitive.

This is a small selection of my best work. For a more complete gallery, please check out my Portfolio page.


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From Snapshot to Hotshot

The culmination of three years of work (or is that a lifetime?), From Snapshot to Hotshot, is to help you become a better photographer. Sixty lessons, from the very basics, to some advanced techniques, make this book a complete photography course in 236 pages. Whether you are just a hobbyist wanting to improve, or someone who are actually considering making the jump from amateur to professional, this is the book for you.

This is the book you wish you had when you first picked up a camera.

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In October 2015, I published my highly acclaimed photography manual, “From Snapshot to Hotshot”.


This is the book I wish I had when I was a photography student.  From Snapshot to Hotshot teaches you everything you need to know in plain, conversational English without any tech jargon, and does not teach you any of the clutter you do not need to know.  Whether you have never picked up a camera in your life, or you are looking at how to better your photography for a few years now, this is the book for you.



Consisting of 60 practical lessons, spanning 236 pages, From Snapshot to Hotshot does not teach “tips and tricks” (apart from three instances at the back of the book as a bit of fun), this book teaches principles.  My intention of this book is to help you understand what photography is, how a camera works, how exposure works, and how to fully get to grips with your camera and the principles of photography, in order to get the image you want.


For a lot more information, as well as detailed chapter outlines, check out this page.  


Not convinced?  Check out what others had to say about my book and lessons.


The book is currently available as a 236-page PDF eBook, and is available for download, right here, right now!


A portion of the sales of this book has gone, and will still go, towards suicide prevention.


(ISBN 978-0-620-68992-2)

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Discovering Leigh..

Yes, I'm that Gerry.

So, you’ve heard of a novel called “Discovering Leigh” by a guy called Gerry Pelser, and you are wondering if you found the right place?


Guilty as charged, that’s me. I also write novels (and other things – like blogs and articles -) in my spare time. (Which, admittedly, I do not have much of.)


Discovering Leigh is a work of fiction, and you can
find out more about the book here.
read the (very good) reviews on Goodreads here,
and buy it on Amazon here.




Writings, musings, tips, tricks, art, random thoughts... This is my blog, which I aim to be insightful and educational, and hopefully, sometimes funny. Get the full list here.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Gerry, and I'm a photographer.

I am a photographer. I’ve been clicking shutters since I was a young student back in ’93, when I had a Ricoh camera that was so busted, it only worked when you held it upside down. I specialise in head shots, product photogrpahy, people shots, fashion and glamour, beauty, that type of thing. I’m a studio guru. My work in studio lighting is unparalleled.  They call me “the light whisperer”.  Which is kinda nice.  If you need a photographer who can do anything in a studio -fashion, editorial work, catalogue work, Call me, I’m your guy. If you need wedding photos… not so much.


Taking photos is not just what I do, it’s what I am.


My photography is as essential to me well-being as breathing. I mainly take photos of people, and I primarily work in the studio. I’ve found out that I’m a good teacher, and I love helping others achieve their dreams in photography.


Away from the camera I enjoy cricket, cooking, drinking (good!) beer, and being lazy. I live with my wife, Andrea, in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have two dogs, Hungarian Pulis named Laszlo and Laika (That ball of hair on the right is Laika).  I’m also the proud owner of a stuffed hippopotamus named Felicity who loves cricket more than I do.  Don’t ask.  


And above and beyond that, I published my first novel in May 2018, and working on my third book. 


My Influences

Join a band and you are asked “who are your influences”. But be a photographer, and ask “who are your influences” and most people will just gawp and say “I don’t know, I just like taking pretty pictures.”


Conversely, I know exactly who my influences are. Who inspires me to do what I do. The masters of the craft. These master light-shapers who have created images that has caused me to look at their pictures and say “wow, I wanna do that”.


This is my homage to these people I admire.