Don’t be a jerk.

I guess that sums it up.  All images on this website is Copyright by Gerry Pelser, and all rights are reserved.  What rights are those?  The right not to be ripped off, is one of them.  You don’t like it when people steal your work, so please don’t steal mine, okay? Only jerks steal other people’s stuff.

Want to share my work? Please, go ahead!  I’d thank you for it – but please include a credit to me.  This is how I make my living, and every time an image is used without a credit, it loses value.  I do not put watermarks on my images, because watermarks take away from the impact and intrinsic value of any given photo.  I like to keep my images “pure”, unsullied, and I’m sure you enjoy them that way too, so please don’t force me to put watermarks on my images.  This does make images easier to steal, so, please do not.

Want to use my work?  Awesome!  Please let me know and we can work something out.  I’m an easy going type of guy, but please do not use my work for commercial purposes without asking me first – that’s just bad manners.

Please respect my copyright.