Gallery: Raven Rose – catsuit, corset and cuffs

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I’ve been quiet for a while, and with good reason – I’ve been busy.  Lots of commercial work, not much creative work, but…  my home studio is done!  Well, not done-done, lots of “refinements” still to be made but at least I’m shooting again!

Last week Raven Rose and I decided to get creative.  We bought ourselves a one-piece PVC catsuit from a Zentai shop on the internet, and we initiated the home studio with some great makeup – complete  with roses for the Raven Rose – form Charlene Warwick from Face and Grace.

So we initiated the studio.  Lighting here was relatively simple: a 150mm octobox as key light, some gelled rim lights – sometimes direct, sometimes bounced off the wall and off a reflector on the floor, and a snoot on the background.  Of course, as is usual with Raven and I, it did not take long for the Arwen corset and handcuffs to come out.

Thanks Raven for initialling my studio, and thanks Charlene for doing bang-up job with the makeup!

Next time:  natural light boudoir fun with Rozi Cheeks


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On Wednesday May 4 2016

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