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It’s good to be me:  I got Raven Rose into a studio on a Sunday morning.  We played around with classic Gerry-and-Raven  glamour shots.  Corsets (by Arwen, as always), gloves, and tried to contrast the simple-yet-elegant styling with some solid lighting.  Very simple lighting, one and two light setups, but very contrasty and “bold”.  I enjoyed the contrast of the soft styling combined with the harsher lighting.

And as usual, the Makeup Artist (uppercase M and A intended) was invaluable.  Good makeup makes or breaks a shot, and Suryn van der Merwe delivered beautifully.

Pale Shelter

Lighting was simple: single 90×90 softbox placed camera left, placed parallel to the model, hitting her at a 90-degree angle in relation to the camera, a snoot camera-right pointed at the background for separation, and a silver reflector camera-right to fill in the shadows.

Black and white image of model wearing corset and gloves eating watermelon

The lesson here: keep your model in costume/character even during lunch, you never know what may come up.  Raven was eating a slice of watermelon, and I still had my lighting setup from the shot above in place, so she completed lunch in front of the lens. (No silver reflector this time, and you can see how the glove camera-right disappears into the background die to there being no fill on the shadows that side.)

black and white image of model lit from top light only

This was Raven’s idea, and an indication of how well a “team” can work together.  As the photographer, I direct most of the shots in a shoot, but I’m always open to ideas.  I’ve had some great ideas come from models, Makeup Artists, assistants, hangers-on…  I know too many togs who refuse to listen to outside opinions.  This in my opinion is just headstrong foolhardiness – great ideas can come from anywhere, and the great photographer is open to those ideas, and has the ability to make those ideas work.  This was a single gridded beauty dish from above, placed exactly in the centre of Raven’s head, and a very, very low powered gridded strip-light camera-left for a hint of a rim – you can see the tonal differences on the opposite shoulders.

Black and white photo of model wearing satin corset, satin gloves, with hands tied with a satin bow.

And this is the money shot, the raison d’être for the shoot.  Very simple and effective – again the big 90 x 90 softbox camera left, snoot on the background camera right, but this time the softbox was lifted well above Raven’s head and angled downwards.

Shot at Flashback Studios, along with the crowd of Rate My Photo

Photos edited in Adobe Photoshop, and polished with Alienskin Exposure X

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On Monday February 29 2016
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