From Snapshot
to Hotshot

I am proud to announce the release of my book, “From Snapshot to Hotshot”.

This is the book I wish I had when I was a photography student.  From Snapshot to Hotshot teaches you everything you need to know in plain, conversational English without any tech jargon, and does not teach you any of the clutter you do not need to know.  Whether you have never picked up a camera in your life, or you are looking at how to better your photography for a few years now, this is the book for you.


Consisting of 60 practical lessons, spanning 236 pages, From Snapshot to Hotshot does not teach “tips and tricks” (apart from three instances at the back of the book as a bit of fun), this book teaches principles.  My intention of this book is to help you understand what photography is, how a camera works, how exposure works, and how to fully get to grips with your camera and the principles of photography, in order to get the image you want.


Chapter One is the very basics of photography, this is intended for people who are interested in photography, but never really handled a camera properly before, and do not really know what all the tools available to you are, or how they work.  This is bare-bones photography.




After Chapter one, there is a brief interlude on how to choose your equipment.  How to choose a camera, and how to choose a lens.  Also, a brief chapter on brand wars, which can be summed up as “don’t get too hung up on brands”.


Chapter Two assumes you know the basic tools and how they work and how it influences your photography. In this chapter we put all the tools together, and we notice the interplay between the various settings and the tools available to you.



Chapter Three goes into more advanced concepts.  this chapter deals with more intricate matters of photography and the supporting mediums, such as metering modes, how to expose properly, setting white balance with grey cards, and filters, to name but a few,  this chapter also deals with contracts and copyrights, as well as a section on “going pro”.



Chapter Four is in my opinion, the best section of the book.  The first three chapters are about the technical nuts-and-bolts part of photography. Chapter Four is the philosophy of photography.  I’ve never seen this stuff handled in any photography book before.  This chapter helps you with your approach to photography, and what you can do to become a better photographer.  This will help you think about your photography, and how you can apply thought processes in the use of the technical stuff in order to truly go From Snapshot to Hotshot.


Chapter five is a little “bonus chapter” that did not fit in elsewhere in the book and shows a few techniques to add the final polish to your photos.



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The book is currently available as a 236-page PDF eBook, and is available for download, right here, right now!


A portion of the sales of this book will go towards suicide prevention.


(ISBN 978-0-620-68992-2)

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