Lighting Workshop with Idalize 20 November 2016

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My November lighting workshop will be with the dynamic Idalize.

This is a full day workshop, from 8:00 until we stop having fun, which is at around 16:00 – maybe more, maybe less.

During this workshop I will be teaching the principles of light.  I do not teach “recipes”, I teach you how to cook.  Why light behaves in the way it does, get you to know the “laws of physics” that govern light, so you can make your own decisions as to how to go forward.  The intention here is that after you leave the workshop, you understand the fundamentals of light, which will enable you to create the photos you want to create!

The workshop will be held in Strijdom Park, lunch will be provided, and parking is secure.

Cost is R2,500 per person – at today’s exchange rate, that is US$ 185.00 (sorry, I have to make it US, PayPal does not accept ZAR as a currency!) – else, email me on, and we can arrange EFT payments.

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I was really impressed with Gerry’s course. After a fairly quick and insightful explanation of the basic principles of light, we got straight into planning our shots and then shooting. He generated a really great atmosphere of teamwork, but still made individuals take decisions and see the consequences. It was a unique and innovative approach (I don’t want to spoil it so won’t explain much here!) that was different to any workshop I have attended. Highly recommend and I came out with a much better understanding of light.

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Gerry is not known as the “Light Whisperer” for nothing. Gerry lives and breathes light, it’s his obsession, and in this workshop, he has managed to make it mine as well. The workshop is different to what one has come to expect from workshops – no monkey see, monkey do, here! Be prepared to be challenged, to actually think about what you’re trying to achieve, and then going out and doing it. The most constructive days worth of learning I’ve ever had. But be warned, light is contagious…..and damn addictive!

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Gerry the ‘Lightwhisperer” Pelser
With what seemed to be knowledge I approached apprehensively , knowing what I knew about lighting and contextual photography . Stop. Wait . The “lights” went on .
We started to speak about depth and perception and I was amazed at the lack of basic knowledge I had when lighting up my “subjects” . the basics were just not cutting it and once I opened my ears my eyes listened.
After spending only 10 minutes of in depth on hands working with Gerry I could already see the difference he had made to my work . I will never see the “light” the same the insight he has given me was priceless .
I would highly recommend The Lightwhisperer to any tog beginner or advanced
Ed Young
Shoot You Photography

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Gerry’s a grumpy, impatient old bastard but he knows some sh*t about lighting so give him your money.

Only joking! Gerry is very possibly the most knowledgeable guy I know when it comes to creating beautiful, impactful lighting. He’s got an incredible talent that’s complemented by years of experience and countless hours spent “studying the masters”.

Gerry has a unique approach to learning and his workshops are fun, engaging and practical. You will leave equipped with the skills you need to create your own beautiful lighting, and also know how to fix common (and not-so-common) lighting problems with ease.

My own photography has taken giant leaps forward thanks to lighting and editing skills I’ve learned from Gerry. Anyone attending his workshops will be making a really worthwhile investment in their photography careers. Definitely highly recommended.


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