“Music Confounds the Machines” – a re-blog

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As said previously, I don’t want my site to become a repository for other’s stuff – I’m not into crowdsourcing my content.  But every now and then something profoundly true comes along, and deserves to be shared.  This is such an occasion.  This is a transcript of a speech T Bone Burnett gave at  AmericanaFest.  

This speech deals with music, but it applies to us photographers just as much.

Two quotes if you’re too lazy to read:

“Art is not a market to be conquered or to bow before.
Art is a holy pursuit.”


“Artists risk everything in everything they do. Risk is what separates the artist from the artisan. Art is not a career, it is a vocation, an inclination, a response to a summons.”

That last one nails it for me – “risk”. A lot of discussion always goes on about “what is a professional”, but we hardly ever speak about “what is an artist”. I think this is maybe the best definition I’ve heard: “risk”.

Go read the magic here:  http://nodepression.com/article/music-confounds-machines

Legal note:  I do not have permission to re-blog this, nor is the featured image mine (I wish I had the opportunity to photograph T Bone), so if it steps on anyone’s toes, apologies!

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On Monday September 26 2016
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