Portfolio: Nudes & Taboos

– Nudes & Other Taboos –

Warning: this gallery is not safe for work, or for the ideologically sensitive.

The most beautiful thing on the face of the planet is the human body, in all its forms.  The nude, the implied nude, the topless, the bodyscape, are all genres of art in their own right, if still socially taboo in certain conservative circles. But it’s not just the nude that is socially taboo.  In the words of Helmut Newton, “No woman is naked unless she is wearing high heels”, so I can say that there is more to the nude than just the naked body.  The elements of fetish and bondage that I sometimes bring into my work, as well as the hinted-at eroticism in some of the stuff I do, is just as socially taboo as the nude, if not actually more so.