Take it easy on the kids

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See this bullshit? This needs to stop.

I have said this before – but it bears repeating.

Grown ups: for the love of all things precious, stop telling kids that their school days are the best days of their lives.

We are making our kids grow up in incredible pressurized situations. Work hard! Study hard! It’s tough out there! Make sure you are the best! Play sports not for enjoyment, but so you can win! Do not read for pleasure, read for expanding your mind! Do this, don’t do that! Work work work! Achieve achieve achieve!

And then we tell them “these are the best days of your life”? We are telling them that this pressure cooker WE create for them, is the best thing they will ever experience?

We are telling them that there is nothing better than this. And then we wonder why teen suicides skyrocket.

Being a teen is tough at the best of times. We are just trying to make the children equipped to deal with a less-than-ideal world. We are doing the best we can – but lets make adulthood something to look forward to! You can drink, you can stay up late, you don’t have to obey a thousand masters anymore, and being an adult is freedom – with responsibility, of course. Being an adult is awesome. Yes, there are taxes and bond payments and horrible bosses, but it’s a million times better than any pressure-cooker situation that we create in our schools.

Take it easy on your kids.

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On Tuesday October 27 2015

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