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My name is Gerry, and am a photographer.
I do headshots, product and packshots, model shots, and write books & blogs.
I've worked for several international and local clients.
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The importance of a headshot cannot be underestimated. It gives your prospective clients an immediate idea of who you are, and what you are about. From formal poses for those in the business world, to fun ones for those in the creative industries, getting the perfect headshot for your website, annual report or business card, is essential for the image you portray to prospective customers.

Do not underestimate the value of a professional corporate headshot. The headshot is the face behind the company, the person behind the brand, the woman behind the initiative, the man behind the systems. Your outward image, from Face book to LinkedIn to the Annual report, is not one that should be left to the amateurs. Click here to see more headshot images, and find out more about the importance of the corporate headshot.

Product Shots

People go online now before they go anywhere else. Your products need to entice the clients you do not yet have to open up their wallets to you. The only way you can do that, is with great product and pack shots: people shop with their eyes first. No matter how good your products may be: if it ain’t lookin’ good, you ain’t converting the clients.

The above shows a selection of product shots, showcasing a diversity of techniques: from clean, crisp white cut-out images, to dark and moody photos, from elaborate staged productions, to small featured product details.  Product photography does not have to be boring.

Model Shots

This is where I love to play. My heart lies in shooting people, in doing creative things with interesting faces and interesting light. I’ve been shooting models for over a decade, and helped more than one aspiring model to springboard her career, and shot many an editorial.

If you are not prudish, underaged, and have some... discerning tastes, please feel free to visit my nudes and other taboos gallery.

From Snapshot to Hotshot

Finally, a photography manual for the average Joe. Whether you’re a beginner who want to know how to get to the bottom of this strange animal called photography, or an amateur/enthusiast wanting to get better, From Snapshot to Hotshot is the Photography manual for you. Sixty easy to understand, plain English lessons with as little tech jargon as possible to demystify the secrets of photography.

In October 2015, I published my highly acclaimed photography manual, From Snapshot to Hotshot


This is the book I wish I had when I was studying photography.  From Snapshot to Hotshot teaches you everything you need to know about photography, and nothing you do not.  If you’ve never picked up a camera in your life, or if you are just looking for a way to get better, this is the book for you. 


Consisting of sixty practical lessons spanning 236 pages, From Snapshot to Hotshot does not teach “tips and tricks” (Apart from three examples in the back of the book as a bit of fun), but teaches principles instead.  My intention with this book is to help you understand what photography is, how a camera works, and how to fully get to grips with the thinking behind photography in order to make you a better photographer. 


“Anyone can follow a recipe.  This book teaches you how to cook.”


This book is available for download as a PDF eBook, right here right now. (Edit: uh, sorry, it is not – my website went belly up and I’m busy re-setting everything up – if you want the book, please contact me!) 


Postscript:  Suicide prevention is one of the few “causes” I have.  A portion of the sales of this book has gone towards, and will continue to go to, keeping people alive.

Discovering Leigh

Yes, I'm that Gerry.

So, you heard of a novel called “Discovering Leigh” by a guy with the same name as me, and you’re wondering if you’ve found the right guy?     


Guilty as charged, that’s me.   I also write novels – and other stuff – in my spare time, which admittedly I do not have much of.  But it’s still fun.  


Discovering Leigh is my first published work of long-form fiction, and you can find out more about the book here, buy it on Amazon here, and read my (4.76 average rating) reviews here.



Writings, musings, tips, tricks, random thoughts. My blog which I hope to be insightful, educational, and hopefully, occasionally funny.

About Me

Hi, my name is Gerry, and I am a photographer.

This is the obligatory biography bit.


Well, I’ve been clicking shutters since I was 18 years old back in 1993, when I studied graphic design and photography. My student camera was a second-hand Ricoh that was busted in such a way that it only worked when you held it upside down. I fell in love with photography in those heady darkroom-driven student days, and here I am, more than two decades later, still doing the same thing.


Since then I have refined a bit, discovered that I’m a creative photographer rather than a documentary one, so I do the bulk of my work in studio. I’ve been called “The Light Whisperer” and that is kinda nice. But I do admit to being obsessed with photographic lighting. And I love working with people, the combination of which is why my portfolios are those of corporate & industrial headshots, product and pack shots, and where my heart lies: model photography.


Taking photos is not just what I do, it is what I am.

Away from the camera I teach and I write. I’ve published two books, a photography tech manual and a novel (admittedly my female lead is a photographer), I blog (about anything from photography to cricket), and I talk prodigiously on Facebook. I run lighting workshops and teach the newbies how to operate cameras.


When I don’t work, I enjoy cooking (the cleaning… not so much), reading, watching sport – Rugby will do, but Cricket is life – and just  hanging with my family. I live in the north-western suburbs of Jo’burg with my two Puli dogs, Laszlo and Laika. (That cute ball of hair on the right is Laika). I also have a stuffed petite baby hippo named Felicity who loves cricket more than I do. Don’t ask.


Join a band and they ask you “who are your influences”. My photography career is influenced by Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Peter Lindbergh and the genius that is Rankin. However, while the guys there are the influencers, I admire the ladies. Ellen von Unwerth, Lillith Leda and Annie Leibovitz moves my soul. These are the people who inspire me to do better.