105 – Slower and Faster

This lesson is merely a continuation of the preceding one.  Along with double and half, the next concept to grasp is that of “slower and faster”.

Your camera’s three basic controls of shutter speed, aperture and ISO allow you to control the light in stops of light that are double and half.  But what it does is either make your camera slower or faster.

Now before you think “which is better, slower or faster?”, allow me to get in here and say that there is no “better” – it’s simply horses for courses, and it depends on your intention.  It is like asking what is better, a quick midday snack to give you energy and get you going, or a long, lazy afternoon lunch?  It purely depends on the situation.  We will delve into each aspect of these situations as we move on from here, but for now, there is no singular one that is better than the other.

The concept you need to understand is that every adjustment you make on your camera will either speed it up or slow it down.  With each of your three control mechanisms, there are different ways to speed it up and to slow it down.  This is where the “art” bit of photography comes in – how you adjust your camera, and why you adjust it that way, is the vision of the artist.  I cannot tell you what is the right way, I can just tell you how.  Just like a teacher can teach you the alphabet, but cannot tell you which books to write, so I as your photography instructor can teach you how to do things, but the way you take photos, is up to you.

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