Book Cover Design

Premade & Custom Book Cover Designs

“Do not judge a book by its cover”.  And yet, this is exactly what we do.  When we enter a bookshop, the first thing we see is the cover.  No matter how good a story, if the cover does not grab you, you walk on past.  A blurb will get you to take the book to the counter and pay for it, but the cover is the thing that gets you to read the blurb in the first place.

Good writing deserves—needs—good covers.

Sadly, there’s a lot of really sad covers out there.  But luckily, there are also some really great ones by the likes of Chip Kidd and Na Kim doing the rounds.  But if you are an indie author and want to get one of the superstars to design your cover, erm, you better have a budget the size of an elephant.

Fortunately, there is another way between rock-star designers and the crappy ones.  A full-service cover design service in a variety of price brackets.  From affordable stock image pre-made covers to premium service custom designed jackets with commissioned photography and illustrations.

Contact me for your covers and let us make your books demand to be picked up off the shelf.

PS:  check back regularly, new covers added almost daily.

Book Cover Prices

  • Bronze

    $ 125.00 +
    • SA Price: R1,250.00
    • Preamde
    • Front Cover
    • Standard Stock Images
    • Custom Typography
  • Silver

    $ 175 +
    • SA Price: R1,750.00
    • Premade
    • Front Cover
    • Premium Stock Images
    • Custom Typography
  • Gold

    $ 250 +
    • SA Price: R2,500.00
    • Premade or Custom
    • Wraparound Cover
    • Original Images
      (Exclusive use)
    • Custom Typogrpahy
  • Platinum

    • Custom Made
    • Wraparound Cover
    • Commissioned Images
    • Custom Typopgraphy

Optional Extras

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Gerry, why does your pricing say “$ 125+”, can’t you just give me a straight price?

Design is a highly flexible and variable service.  Many factors make up the cost of design.  See the “optional extras” above?  Well, that’s why my stated prices are starting prices.  Sometimes a client only wants a front page, a premade with their name and title added.  Easy.  Base price as stated.  Other times, they like the concept of the premade, but want to change a this and add a that or use a proprietary font that costs an arm and a leg.  Models need to be paid on original photos, licensing fees, illustrators…  All these little things add hours to my time as a designer, which is why a quote will always be given before any project.

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Cover photo credit:  Photo by Amanda George from Pexels