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Books by Gerry PelserI’m not just a photographer, I’ve got a few writing credits behind my name as well.


In 2015 I published my fist book, a non-fiction work called ‘From Snapshot to Hotshot’ – a photographic manual on how to become a better photographer.  It is now out of print since it is out of date.


In 2018 I published my first novel, the highly acclaimed ‘Discovering Leigh’, and in 2021 the sequel, ‘Defining Giulia’, subtitled ‘Dark Love Stories’, and I would classify as “50 Shades for Grown-ups”.


Tragedy struck my life in December 2020 when my wife died of breast cancer, the single sliver of a silver lining was the publication of my memoir ‘Chronicles of a Reluctant Widower


For more info on these books, head on over to my writing page at www.gerrypelser.com

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On August 19, 2018

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