Section 1 – The Basics

Photogrpahy lessons section one - the basics

Welcome to my free online photography lessons. 

A bit of background – I was chairman of a photography club for a few years, and I’ve found many questions were asked over and over again.  Same online – on photography community groups, many of the same questions get asked.  In order to save time in answering these questions, I started posting the generic answers to these common questions to my blog.  Which filled up quite rapidly!  Come 2015, I had over sixty of these ‘lessons’ on my blog, and I decided to put them all together in one place, and I published a photography manual, ‘From Snapshot to Hotshot’.

Due to popular demand, I am placing these lessons back on my website.  It is a long, slow process as technology has changed and I need to rework a few things to get it done.  But rest assured, I’ll get there.  The appearance of lessons may be sporadic for now, but soon it will all come together.

In the meantime, the eBook of From Snapshot to Hotshot is available on my writers’ website.   (Still working on the paperback edition!)

Section 1 – the Basics

This section is intended to give you a firm understanding of the basic underlying principles of photography.  If you never did any of the technical stuff of photography, this is where you start.  Everything else in this book works on the presumption that you know and understand the principles in this chapter.  If you have a firmer grasp on the tech aspects of photography, skim through this section anyway, you might just get some insights you have not seen before.

Lessons in this section so far:

101 – What is Photography?
102 – Learning to Read
103 – Getting Off Green Mode
104 – Double and Half
105 – Slower and Faster
106 – Exposure Part 1: Finding Balance
107 – Your First Control: Shutter Speed
108 – Your Second Control: Aperture
109 – Exposure Part 2: One Plus One




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